Blogging Break: What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hello Readers!

I certainly have been remiss at updating the blog but it is for good reason! Life has been crazy and I will share why further down this blog post.

Can you believe that Christmas is only 13 days away!

Is your Christmas shopping done yet? I haven’t even started mine.

Is your tree up? Show me your photos by tagging me on social media – Facebook here and Twitter here.
Here are my two daughters and our tree.

Blogging Break: What I’ve Been Up To Lately I certainly have been remiss at updating the blog but it is for good reason! Life has been crazy and I will share why further down this blog post.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Since obviously a lot of time has passed in between, I thought I’d share an update about all the things that I have been doing lately (except blogging).  But, I’m settling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate this Sunday evening before heading to bed to update a little here.

New Position at Work

As some of you may know that I recently took a new position at work. I went from finding employment for adults with disabilities – – to – now, a Coordinator, Advancement and Community Relations. This new position is all about fundraising and PR.

Let me tell you…that I absolutely love this new position!! It allows me to use my creative, think-outside-the box mindset to continuing to working with our community.

Right now, myself and my boss are swamped with Angel Tree for Kids. Here are a few of the things from this phenomenal campaign. But first, let me tell you that this campaign is physically, emotionally and mentally draining. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we are the stewards that are providing gifts for children in need but boy…it’s a daunting project. This year, we have 1,923 children in our city that are in need of gifts this Christmas season.

This campaign is a huge operation! I have put a ton of overtime in but it’s the end goal that’s most important.

Here are a few highlights!



Yes, you can parent while still being a consistent blogger but it seems that I don’t do that very well. Or at least times. Writing blog posts is a long and arduous process for me (even though I enjoy sharing experiences and how it makes me an active part of the personal development blogging community) and it just had to give over the past few weeks.

Bottom line: My kiddos needed more of my attention and I gave it to them.

Here are a few pics from my time with my two daughters.

24th Annual Christmas Tree Festival.

16 year old’s Christmas Concert.

Random Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Engaging In Other Forms of Social Media

I haven’t been blogging but I am highly active on Twitter. I might have gone totally off the blogging radar (including Instagram) but the only social media I still use isTwitter. So here’s a quick heads-up, next time I go MIA again, find me on Twitter! hehe

What I’m Watching

As a few of my faavorte fall shows are on hiatus, it’s back to Netflix I go. I’ve been spending the few free minutes that I have to finish watching Gilmore Girls in time to watch the Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life. I failed. I am still on season 7. Oh well.

This past weekend, my daughters and I started to watch the new season of Fuller House. Although, personally, I thought the first episode of season two was a little too cheesy even for me.

What I am Listening To

It’s December and of course along with that comes Christmas music. My favourite is Michael’s Buble’s Christmas album. Another one that I am liking is A Jann Arden Christmas, as well as, Kelly Clarkson’s, Wrapped in Red. Of course, Christmas music wouldn’t be complete without Boney M’s The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs.

What I am listening To

Favorite Foods/Drinks This Time of Year

Mandarin oranges, apple cider, Christmas candy and Christmas treats.

What’s To Come

I still have a strong desire to blog and I have some fantastic blog post ideas that I want to publish before the end of the year. Ones that will help us think about what we want for next year and how to put that into action.

I do have a week off between Christmas and New Years and hoping to be back to writing on a regular basis. Keep posted!

Whew, so that’s what has kept me busy the last few weeks.

What have you been up to lately? Fill me in and comment below.

~ Rosie

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Hey, I’m Rosie! I am a strategy consultant from Alberta, Canada. I provide smart, savvy women with advice on their goals and future direction so that they can plan effective strategies for growth, whether it’s personal or business-related. I’ve been featured on Annette’s Rochelle Aben’s radio show “Perspectivepower” and ceoMom’s. When I am not blogging, you’ll find you me drinking coffee, making popcorn and hanging out with my two daughters. If I can follow my dreams, you can too!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Break: What I’ve Been Up To Lately

  1. acraftymix says:

    Welcome back Rosie. So glad that you’re focusing on the important things in life, enjoy what you do so well. Making other people feel special is a very rare talent and you do it so well. Just don’t forget about yourself. You are worthy in so many ways.

    • Thanks for the kinds words! I have taken some time off during the holidays. You’re so right about making time for oneself. Otherwise, we ended up feeling drained and then we are no good to anyone.

  2. Glad you’re OK, and only disappeared from your blog because you were busy. I think you were right to put doing things with your girls, and trying to give all those other children something to be happy about this Christmas, before blogging, personally.

    My tree went up a couple of days ago, and photos will be going up this coming Sunday. My Christmas shopping is done, and everything I send out is either with people now, or will be soon. So I’m ready for Christmas.

    I’ve also been organizing the release of a new book, and helping my hubby sort some shelves so we can finally unpack the stack of boxes that have been packed since before we moved here about two years ago.

    • December flew by! We were able to help 2127 children in need this Christmas. It felt really good to be part of such a huge project such as the Angel Tree for Kids. When you are finished your book, please let me know as I would love to promote on my social networks!

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