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 I’ve decided to put a hold on Everything’s Coming Up Rosie.

For awhile there, my full-time job was quite demanding and I had no time for blogging.  On top of that, being a single mom and toting kids from here to there, I felt that I had to back away from the blogging world for a bit. Time away meant that I could focus on my family and my new position at work.

Being a serial entrepreneur, there is always an itch to get back to what you love best. For me, it’s blogging and helping people. I decided to go back to social media consulting. This time with a focus on showing people how to leverage social media for their blog/business. Soon, I will be selling social media graphics that can be used for your website, blog, or social media accounts.

My new website can be found here Head on over and give me a follow. : )

Recently, I have changed my Facebook URL page to my name: @rdigout; You might have already received a notification. And I have also changed the name of the page to ‘Get Social with Rosie’. Please like and follow me.

I will continue to provide ways to stay motivated for your business, blogger interviews will be back and am hoping that you decide to stick around. I totally understand if you decide that this is not your jam.


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Hey, I’m Rosie! I am a strategy consultant from Alberta, Canada. I provide smart, savvy women with advice on their goals and future direction so that they can plan effective strategies for growth, whether it’s personal or business-related. I’ve been featured on Annette’s Rochelle Aben’s radio show “Perspectivepower” and ceoMom’s. When I am not blogging, you’ll find you me drinking coffee, making popcorn and hanging out with my two daughters. If I can follow my dreams, you can too!

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