The Worst Enemy of Creativity is Self-Doubt

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Today’s Monday Motivation

“The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt,” wrote Sylvia Plath in her journal. And she couldn’t have been more accurate. Self-doubt can persuade us to stop creating or keep us from sending our work out into the world. It can be so influential that it colors how we see ourselves, ensuring we don’t pick up a pen, paintbrush, camera, or other tool for decades. 


Do you doubt yourself, your talent, your strengths? Please share with us your tips for overcoming self-doubt.  

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17 thoughts on “The Worst Enemy of Creativity is Self-Doubt

  1. Hi Rosie, I just recently started to follow you. I like your content, especially today’s prompt. My inner critic is working over time lately. i try to ignore it but it isn’t easy. The overtime is because not only am I a mixed media artist but a new auhor as well. My book was released March 17th. I am hearing words of doubt from my critic, waiting anxiously for the reviews. How do i knock this critic off my shoulder for good? I have a feeling he will be a permanent fixture, especially when i start seeing reviews.

    • Thanks for following! We can be our own worst enemy, instead we should be our own best friend. It’s easier to allow self doubt and negative thoughts enter our mind. As I mentioned earlier, replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. I have no doubt that you’re book will do fantastic! 🙂

  2. Hi Rosie,
    Your post describe my own weakness, my fear of not doing the best on anything I venture to do has been my biggest down fall. I do not have any suggestions but to just I doubt myself a lot. I will take all you have said in post and try to give of my best whether or not a get commendation from other people. Thank you.

    • You’re in the right spot to find encouragement. For myself, I have learned that there is a balance between positive and negative. For every negative thought I have, there is a positive one that can replace it. I struggle with it, but it’s a conscience effort to remind myself that I will succeed and that not only am I good enough but I will exceed all expectations!

  3. Practice lessens self -doubt, I think. The more capable you feel, the less doubt can creep in. I am nowhere near perfect but it becomes easier to let it go when I know I’ve done the work behind what I’m putting out into the universe.

  4. I have self-doubt written all over me. Thanks to your post its a good reminder for me.
    I would like to ask permission if i can reblog this post

  5. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    Well, after reminding myself over and over again that I just didn’t have the skills that my sister and other people whose art I truly enjoyed and respected… I TOLD MYSELF that I had the responsibility to honor MY inner child and after that, I never worried about comparing myself to anyone else.

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