Say Goodbye to a bad Day

Hard times and tough choices are inevitable.

Sometimes, one bad day can shape our week, our month and for many even our lives. Bad days bring pain, frustration, exhaustion and often a feeling of “What do I do now?”

I’ve had a really rough couple of months. After battling with depression the last few months, I finally decided that it was time to move back to Alberta.

The lack of employment, no income coming in and the looming Christmas holidays getting closer, was enough to send me over the edge. At one point, I finally caved and talked to a counselor about the stress, and she highly recommended moving back to Alberta. I followed up that session with a visit to my family doctor. I was stunned to hear that she agreed with my counselor. She told me that Prince Edward Island is a cul-de-sac.

“Rosie, you don’t belong here. You’ve been sacrificing your happiness for everyone else and you need to move”.

With the advice of both professionals, I started contemplating the move. I knew that it would happen either really quick or at the very least at the end of the 2013/14 school year. In the end, it was very fast. It was a move across country in less than 10 days!!

Sitting here at my sister’s house, I wonder how I was able to sell all my belongings and move across country in such a short period of time. In those ten days, I had more than my share of bad days. There were times, I sat in my living room and cried and thought to myself” I can’t do this, I can’t move across country in such short notice. “

Asking For Help

I finally reached out and posted a Facebook status that I needed help. I was surprised by all the help that I received. I had Shelley drop by with coffee and was able to drive me to the airport. Emily stopped by and helped me sort through my boxes and mopped and cleaned floors my last day there. My friend Linda helped find homes and donated some my girls old books and toys. She was there my last day as well, cleaning, sorting, and everything else that needed to get done. My newest friend, Linda had been nothing short of amazing. We met the first weekend I started selling my belongings. She kept coming back and bringing friends. She even came back my last day to help clean my house. Methilda, an Elder from Lennox Island, was also there throughout this time and brought her family to buy my things. She and her son took us out for dinner our last night in PEI. And of course, my dearest friend Catherine would often stop by with hot coffee.

If it wasn’t for the support of love of my friends, I’m not sure how I would have fared out. I feel blessed that new and old friends went above and beyond to help a friend in need. At the beginning, I felt so alone and no one could understand what I was going through. It wasn’t until I heard from Methilda and her daughter about all their inter-provincial moves as single moms, that I knew that others can relate to me. I was discouraged and wanted to give up. My friends helped push me forward and tell me what the positives of moving and how a fresh start will make me feel better again.

Instructions for a Bad Day

I was on YouTube and I found this video called “Instructions For A Bad Day” by Canadian spoken word poet, Shane Koyczan. It’s good to be reminded every once and a while that we will have a bad day; that pain is a natural human experience and we can find comfort in one another.

There are so many lines in this video that I fell in love with. The last line of the poem sends chills throughout my body every single time I hear it. It’s the same line he says in the beginning of the poem, but after listening to everything he says it forms a whole new meaning. He says,

“Be calm. Loosen your grip, opening each palm slowly, now. Let go.”

Simplistic and realistic advice summed up in 10 words on how to get through any bad moment. The poem could have ended there and I would have been happy, but it only got better.

My favourite line in the entire piece is when he says,

“Know that now is only a moment, and if today is as bad as it gets, understand that by tomorrow, today will have ended.”

Absolutely beautiful. We all need to hear it. I also love when he says,

“Be a mirror reflecting yourself back, remembering the times when you thought all of this was too hard, and you’d never make it through. Remember the times when you could’ve pressed quit, but you pressed continue.”

Isn’t it wonderful? I’d love to know how you feel after listening/watching this! I hope you guys had a wonderful week, and I wish you all a great weekend. Until soon!

Keep happy,
Rosie 🙂

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