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Good Morning Reader(s),

This weekend marked Canadian Thanksgiving. I think I’m still recovering a little bit from turkey coma.

I had a fun filled weekend, spending it with family and friends. How was your weekend?

I recently received an email from a company, who then introduced herself and at the end requested a media kit for my blog. I’ve known what a media kit was and have looked at a few, hadn’t really thought that was what I needed as of yet.

With a little time on my hands, this long weekend, I decided to research media kits and what’s included in them. The favourite articles I found can be found on this Pinterest board, posted below.

Click on photo to view ECUROSIE's Pinterest Board on media kits.
Click on photo to view ECUROSIE’s Pinterest Board on media kits.

After reading, I decided I would play around with and see if I can create my own media kit. This is what I came up with, please take a look as I’ve love any constructive criticism.

The only thing I find with metrics and data, they can be interpreted in so many different ways. Followers on my social media accounts are small but my followers are very engaging. Also, because I’m still on, my demographics aren’t quite clear, as I’m not able to use Google analytics. So for now, this media kit is in draft mode.

Interested in working with me to develop a partnership, advertise, or other concerns, please send them by e-mail to me at Many thanks!

(OH! Once I can figure out how to add this as a pdf file, that will be uploaded to the website too. In the meantime, click here to see the media kit on my website.)

Have you created a media kit for your blog? Feel free to shoot me an email at or comment below as I would love to see your work!

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