Best of Articles from June & Plans for July

Best of Articles from June & Plans for July

Hello, Summer!

June has ended and summer is now in full swing!

Do you have any plans for the summer?

Today, I am sharing a recap of June and  share the highlights of  what happened last month and what you can expect this upcoming month.

New Ideas

A lot of time last month was spent re-designing the website and switching the blog from to a self-hosted site. It was a lot more work than I anticipated but I am liking the new look and the extra options available on the back-end.

With a self -hosted site, came the idea of looking into what WordPress plugins would be best for me. Later this month, I’ll be posting about how I decided which ones to use and why.

I’ve also created an account on StumbleUpon. If you’re unfamiliar with StumbleUpon, it’s  a social media platform that allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes. You can follow me here. An unexpected result was the amount of traffic to my site that was coming from StumbleUpon.

Personal Life

Earlier in June, I had a girls weekend in Red Deer. It was my first 5km obstacle course race. It was both fun and challenging. I was surprised how it nudged me into doing things that I wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes, we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones. My girls were disappointed that they weren’t able to go, so I think we will do the Family Fringe Colour Run this fall.

As I was coming home from Foam Fest, I received some sad news from my dad. My 4 yr old niece was airlifted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, 2 hour drive from Lethbridge. She had her bile duct removed when she was one years old. This time, they had to perform emergency surgery on her. A couple of days later, she had another surgery and was kept in ICU. She’s a trooper and a fighter and now out of ICU. She’ll be in the hospital for awhile yet, but it was so nice to see her awake and walking Saturday.

Personally, it’s been a struggle the last fews. At times, it so stressful, but what I love about blogging is the ability to connect with people. Perhaps, for a few minutes, or a few hours, I can escape what’s happening at home. I appreciate all the support from family and friends and my readers.

Best of Articles from June & Plans for July. Today, I am sharing a recap of June and share the highlights of what happened last month and what you can expect this upcoming month. READ MORE AT:
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ECURosie Blog Posts

Over the last couple of days, I have gone back to update a few old blog posts. My Secret Battle with Depression, 5 Reasons Why I Am Not That Mom and 22 Inspirational & Empowering Quotes for Women. Feel free to take a look and read them. As always, I love to read comments!

In other news, I wrote a post about how linky parties can increase traffic to your website. I was so surprised how well it was received. It made my day. It’s been pinned, tweeted, linked, and received a feature post  recognition on this weeks The Mommy Monday Blog Hop.

Top 5 Posts for June

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#ShareYourBlog – 8 Views

Top 5 Posts with the Most Comments

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Get To Know Me! 21 Questions Tag – 8 Comments

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Mood Board – Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 5 Comments

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What’s Coming Up

I have been really fortunate with meeting some fantastic and outstanding bloggers online. Each time, I am learning something new. Months ago, I had mentioned that I would like to do a “Fearless Friday” segment. I ended up taking a long break from blogging so I was never able to get off the ground. Now, that things are a little easier, I would like to try this one again. Check out the link and if it’s something you’d like to participate in, if it is, please contact me!

In July, I will still continue to use StumbleUpon and I’ll report back to you what I think of it. Other blog post ideas are tools that I use to create all my visual images. I use a bunch of different ones and I can’t wait to share with you what they are.

What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Best of Articles from June & Plans for July

  1. bloggerlovestheking says:

    Great achievements there Rosie, and nice cleaning up. I’m working on cleaning up old blog posts this month.

    • Thanks for stopping by Debbie. Is there a way that you decide which blog posts that you will update? Right now, I am going by the ones that were most commented on.

  2. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    I love seeing posts about other bloggers achievements. Good for you this month, you’ve tackled a lot! The move to a self-hosted blog is a big one, your site looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing what plugins you opted to use. I love reading things like that, I’m a blog geek! LOL I think I’ve read almost all the posts on your list, and loved them, keep it up. And of course, I was smiling from ear to ear to see that I’m in your top 10 traffic referers! Yeah! Made my day, thanks for letting me know! xx

    • I am a blog geek too Nikki!
      I have tested a few plugins and I can’t wait to share what I am learning. Thanks again for all your encouragement! It’s always nice to hear that people enjoy my blog posts. 🙂

  3. Wow what a busy and productive June you had! Love that you keep a record like this and then plan ahead for July. I do the same (although I don’t post it online) and it’s a great way to see and celebrate your achievements. Thanks so much for sharing this at #sharethejoy and hope to see you again.(It would be amazing if you could include our badge or a link back to the linky. Thank you!)

    • Thanks for the reminder Michelle, I’ve linked back! This is the first post like this but felt that it reminds me that I am on the right track with my blog. My numbers may be low but I love how much interaction and engagement that I have with my readers. 🙂

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy. The #FearlessFridays sound fun. I think my best suggestion would be to just keeping doing what you want to do, and we’ll keep reading it. 🙂
    Dropped by from Hannah’s #WeekendBlogShare but always happy to be here.
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly, Rosie. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments, Donna! Happy to see you back, please keep checking in for new posts. Would you like to be my first interviewee for #FierceFriday? I would love to interview you!

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