Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Inhale confidence exhale doubt via

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could almost taste it? If you reached out your arms you could almost touch it?

This afternoon, I have a job interview. Not just any job interview…THE interview. It’s the type of job that I am not only good at but excel at . It’s for a business development/marketing coordinator for a nonprofit organization. Their mandate is to provide services to those that are thinking of starting/expanding their business.

The last couple of days I have been visualizing myself in the position. I picture myself talking to entrepreneurs and the rural small business community within southern Alberta. I’ve been prepping myself with questions that could be asked during the job interview. As much as I say that I have the confidence to do the job, there is a tiny piece of me that doubts myself. Can I do this? What if there is someone more qualified than me?

Sometimes, it’s easier to give into the bad self talk than positive reinforcement. Why is that? Why can we take all the bad things with ease but not the good? Changing that frame of mind can be a serious challenge especially if you’ve never had someone show you how. We need build people up and support each other in in whatever journey they take.

This morning I came across this quote and had to share with you. I needed a reminder to inhale confidence and exhale the doubt. Allow myself to be the confident, strong, independent person that I am and let go of that image I have of myself that I can’t do this. Let go of the negativity and useless words and doings of the day and regain my confidence. I have the power to take myself where I want to be. Just breathe…Inhale…exhale..inhale…exhale…

Just breathe…Inhale…exhale..inhale…exhale…via
Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt…

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