Girls Play Sports. Deal With It.

Girls Play Sports. Deal With It.

Importance Of Sports

If you’ve been a long-time reader of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Rosie”, you’ll know that I have always been an avid sports person. Growing up, sports were a huge part of my life and still are now that I have two daughters.

I was a tomboy and much-preferred playing with my brothers’ GI Joe and green army men than playing with my Barbie’s. I was awkward when it came to playing house or other “girl type” games. My parents have one picture of me playing with my little tea set. When it came to sports, it was always a yes, let’s go!

Both myself and my ex-husband were highly involved in sports, I always figured that both girls would be into sports too. Boy, was I wrong!

When my 16-year-old was younger I enrolled her in so many different sports. I signed her up for both individual and team sports. Basketball, skating, baseball, swimming, you name it; I had her try it out. I always thought that there must be at least one sport that she would like. Now that she’s older, she’s starting to like playing sports. Badminton and archery are a few of her favourite activities.

My youngest, on the other hand, is complete opposite than her older sister. She has always enjoyed sports. She is into playing baseball, basketball, cross country and her most favourite is soccer. Sports are second nature to her. I wish I had her talent. Although I was good at sports, I still had to work hard at it.

When I saw this video (further down in the post), I was surprised to find out how many girls are told that they are not to play sports because they are too girly. To combat this, Always is partnering with soccer star Alex Morgan and encouraging girls to keep playing. Read more at
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When I saw this video (further down in the post), I was surprised to find out how many girls are told that they are not to play sports because they are too girly.

Video: #LikeAGirl

To combat this, the company ‘Always’ is partnering with soccer star Alex Morgan and encouraging girls to keep playing.


Taken From Always Ad:

Join Always in our mission to increase girls’ confidence by encouraging girls to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl. How many times have we heard comments like “girls shouldn’t play that sport” or seen girls’ teams playing in half-filled arenas? What impact does this have on girls and their desire to play sports? Today, 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t belong in sports. And as they’re pressured to conform to societal expectations, it’s no wonder that at puberty girls’ confidence plummets and half quit sports. Yet sports are exactly what help girls stay confident!

Always wants to keep girls playing, because sports are critical in building confidence. In fact, a recent NHCS study found that women aged 18 to 24 are twice as likely to be confident if they play sports regularly than those who do not play at all! And yet, society is not tackling the silent issue of girls dropping out of sports. Always wants to change that!

Always is inviting everybody to join in to rewrite the rules and keep girls in sports. For more than three decades, we’ve empowered girls worldwide by educating millions about puberty and their
cycle, so they can feel confident. So join us in our epic battle to stop the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty by encouraging all girls to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl.

Upload a picture, shoot a video or tweet using #LikeAGirl and show the world how you keep playing #LikeAGirl

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* Data collected from a 2016 survey amongst U.S. Girls

Neither I nor my daughters have ever faced these types of comments. On the flip side, my 12-year-old daughter, more often than not, the boys want her on their team.

This does make me upset. We are here to empower our children and let them know that they can be and do anything that they want to.

How can we encourage girls to keep playing sports?

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7 thoughts on “Girls Play Sports. Deal With It.

  1. I can’t believe that here we are, in 2016 and girls are still facing this attitude. Girls can do as much as and more than boys! And we have to do it whilst dealing with periods and boobs!! My cousin’s daughter is a runner and she loves it. Today, she posted a video of her 11yr old daughter being invited to race the boys on sports day and she smashed it and won! Go girls. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • I love your comments, Hannah! As a parent, I am teaching my daughters to be independent and they can be anyone that they want to be. Most importantly. their self-worth does not come from anyone else and it’s okay to go against the grain. Happy to hear, that your cousin’s daughter is not giving into stereotypes as well. #Girlpower

  2. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Both my kids played sports when they were younger and I wish my son would have found a sport he loved, but he excels in other areas. My daughter swam and was in the marching band until recently. Now that she has decided to go into the culinary field she is working in that arena. But sports are so important. My husband and I were in sports all our young life. There is so much to be learned and I can see it boost confidence! So, get out there and play #likeagirl

    • Rosie says:

      I totally agree with you, Nikki. A person can learn so many life lessons from playing sports. I was fortunate to have a coach that could see the potential in me when others didn’t. I became one of the best basketball players in high school. My self-esteem and confidence grew in leaps and bounds. Thank you for sharing my post!

  3. It’s a bit worrying to know that we still live in an age where girls are told they can not do something purely for being female. My daughter loves being active and would absolutely be devastated if she was told she shouldn’t do sports. It’s a brilliant campaign I hope the message gets spread far!

    • rdigout says:

      I think it’s a great message too. Thinking back, I remember that the boys high school team always had way more supporters in the stands than our girls team. Even though we were just as good and received as many awards as the boys did. Feel free to share the message on your social media link Carla.Thanks for your comments and stopping by! ~ Rosie

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