#FierceFriday Interview with Business Marketing Coach, Kristie McCollum

#FierceFriday Interview with Business Marketing Coach, Kristie McCollum

Meet Business Marketing Coach, Kristie

#FierceFriday is a weekly feature on Everything’s Coming Up Rosie (ecurosie) – celebrating all the incredibly inspiring and kick-ass women out there! With that, I am excited to share this week’s interview with business marketing coach, Kristie McCollum.

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You may remember Kristie, as she had recently interviewed me for her blog, The Official ceoMom.  This interview was the launch of her new monthly “Meet the Mom Behind the Blog” series.

I met Kristie through one of the @SITSGirls Twitter chats. Quickly after, we followed each other on Twitter and soon started to interact with one and other. I love reading her blog and always quick to share her content. She has  a belief of community over competition,  (putting relationships before business). Once you chat with her, you’ll take note of her super-friendly nature!

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In this week’s interview, here are some of the highlights: she is a mom of three adorable little ones, how she juggles being a mom and an entrepreneur, family and business plans 5 years from now and her advice to a budding mompreneur…and so much more.

Let’s get started!

#FierceFriday Interview with Business Marketing Coach, Kristie McCollum Meet Business Marketing Coach, Kristie #FierceFriday is a weekly feature on Everything’s Coming Up Rosie (ecurosie) – celebrating all the incredibly inspiring and kick-ass women out there! With that, I am excited to share this week’s interview with business marketing coach, Kristie McCollum. READ MORE AT Everything's Coming Up Rosie (www.ecurosie.com)
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Hi Kristie, tell us a little bit about yourself and something you enjoy outside of blogging?

First, I want to say thank you for this amazing opportunity! I am a mom of three awesome kiddos. My youngest was just born on my birthday two months ago! He’s such a great addition to the family. I am an online business and marketing coach as well as a blogger. Outside of blogging, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Netflix, traveling, and trying new food! I love to eat…my favorite thing to eat is pizza. I could eat pizza every day of the week and not complain one bit.

What is your blog’s name and what is it about?

I blog at The Official ceoMom. I blog about motherhood and entrepreneurship. It is basically a reflection of my life. I enjoy teaching others about social media, blogging, and starting a business but I am also a mom and I enjoy sharing those experiences as well.

Describe a typical day for you.

A typical day for me starts with getting up early to prepare for the day. My older two children are in elementary school (1st and 2nd grade). I prepare breakfast, pack lunches, and get their clothes out for school. I am getting better at using my planner, so I take the last 30 minutes I have to myself to plan my day. Once the kids are up, it’s a mama on a mission. I drive the kids to school, complete my household chores, and baby duty. My office hours are from 10am-3pm. I have to do work around baby Ayden, of course. After three, the kids are home from school and I put my mommy hat back on.

Random question. What’s in your handbag?

I haven’t used my handbag since Ayden was born! Haha. So I suppose the question would be what’s in my diaper bag! I carry my wallet, lip gloss, a pen, and my sunglasses along with Ayden’s goodies.

What are your ambitions for ceoMom?

Nice question! I want ceoMom to eventually become a hub for moms who are on a mission of entrepreneurship. I would like to one day offer a ceoMom conference for mom bloggers and business owners. In other words, I don’t want ceoMom to simply be another website, but a movement and a community.

What advice would you give your pre-baby self now that you’re a mom of two? 

Three! And wow, I barely remember pre-baby me! I became a mom at a young age. I was nineteen. I would tell myself to slow down, be aware, and to wait. But I absolutely adore being a mom. It’s made me who I am. I absolutely believe that everything happens for a reason and I don’t regret what has brought me to this point.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years, my family and I will be in Seattle living a comfortable life. My husband and I have been wanting to move there for awhile but just haven’t been in the position to make such a big move. Also, I used to homeschool my children but had to stop when I went back to work. I’d love to get back to that so that we can travel and I can give my children a more well-rounded education and lifestyle. My business will be in a good space bringing in enough income for my husband to no longer have to work.

What has been your biggest achievement(s) on ceoMom?

September has been ceoMom’s best month! I have been working hard to create more quality content and to create genuine relationships with others. It has really helped create a strong foundation that I am looking forward to building on.

Kristie, what advice would you give a budding mompreneur?

Great question. To all my budding mompreneurs: be consistent and do not change who you are. In the blogging world, I see many moms change their content and attempt to be like someone else. Your brand is specific to you. If you are like someone else, you will get lost in the crowd. Remain consistent and be true to yourself. That will pay off more than anything else.

Fill in the blank. Happiness is…

attainable. I was once super negative, always felt like life was just about waking up going to work day in and day out. I worked a stressful and demanding job that left me exhausted and moody. But I am finally in a great space, doing something I love and able to spend my days with my family.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Just a little motivation. Don’t give up. I know it may seem hard as if you can’t reach your goal. But YOU CAN! Hang in there and go after your goals.

Where can we find you, Kristie? (blog link and links to any social media)

Website ǀ Instagram ǀ Pinterest ǀ Twitter ǀ Facebook

About Kristie McCullom

#FierceFriday Interview with Business Marketing Coach, Kristie McCollumKristie is the owner of ceoMom Consulting Services ,an online business and marketing coach. She is also a work at home mom of three children. She enjoys writing, traveling, and spending time with her family. Her passion is to help other moms create and build online businesses and do so successfully.

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