#FierceFriday Interview with Happiness Blogger Ana Tesileanu

#FierceFriday with Ana Tesileanu

#FierceFriday is a weekly feature on Everything’s Coming Up Rosie (ecurosie) – celebrating all the incredibly inspiring and kick-ass women out there! With that, I am excited to share this week’s interview with happiness blogger Ana Tesileanu from Celebrating Sunshine.

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Meet Ana Tesileanu

Ana Tesileanu from Celebrating SunshineI am Ana and I believe in love, sunshine, and happiness. My blog is the space where I explore the things that make me happy and with it, I want to inspire you to become the most positive version of yourself. I thrive on the sunshine and I know that no matter how dark things seem, there is always going to be sunshine at the end. I believe we can create our own happiness by striving for a well-lived life filled with optimism, gratitude, and joy.

In this week’s interview, some of the highlights are; how Ana practices happiness daily and inspires others to do so too, how she deals with failure, her biggest inspirations in life and a whole lot more!

Let Us Get Started!

#FierceFriday is a weekly feature on Everything’s Coming Up Rosie (ecurosie) – celebrating all the incredibly inspiring and kick-ass women out there! With that, I am excited to share this week’s interview with happiness blogger Ana Tesileanu from Celebrating Sunshine.
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Share Your Story Ana

Hi Ana, please tell us about yourself and how you spend your free time outside of blogging?

I am happily married with the love of my life – my best friend. We live in Florida where we moved (from Romania) 13 years ago and we have a 23-year-old son. When I am not blogging, I love to spend time with my family, take long walks, cook, read books on happiness and self-help, listen to podcasts, and watch inspirational videos on YouTube (Robin Sharma, Alex Ikonn, and Marie Forleo). I also look for any opportunity to be outdoors. Being close to nature re-energizes me and helps me clear my mind. I am very organized and my house is always 10 minutes from being guest ready.

How did you come up with your blog’s name “Celebrating Sunshine”? What was your main inspiration?

I thrive on the sunshine and living in Florida was a dream come true for me. I think I was meant to live here. I love the sunshine – each day is brighter than the day before. I love the scent of the air – a perfect combination of salty water and freshly trimmed grass. I love everything about Florida. The sky is so bright here, there is so much sunshine, the air is so clean and clear – you just can not be happy! In a way, I just wanted to record and celebrate the little gifts of life, to acknowledge, appreciate, and remember all the things that make my heart sing. It was – and still is – a mindfulness exercise, my way of focusing on the things that really makes me happy. I have so much goodness in my life and I do so many things that bring me joy!

Growing up in Romania during the communist era taught me not to take anything for granted. This is why I decided to intentionally focus on and “celebrate” the tiny things that can get lost over the course of a day, like a cup of coffee, the rain, the smell of freshly baked bread, or the tangerine sunset. I feel now more optimistic and immensely grateful. I am the kind of person that opens a champagne on Wednesday just because. I strongly believe that positive emotions shape not only our social relationships with others and our everyday life in general but also our health and our psychological growth.

When there are thousands of other blogs about self-help and positive thinking, why should someone read Celebrating Sunshine?

Blogging is definitely not a competition and I believe we all have something new to add – with a different voice, a different style, or a different approach. As long as we inspire people to be better, happier versions of themselves, I think we all reached our goals.

Ana, what’s the secret behind your genuine smile?

Cheesy as it may sound, my family.

What is your typical routine when you have to post a new content on your blog?

I cannot write a blog post in one sitting, but I have a long list of drafts that I start when inspiration hits. I also like to schedule my posts in advance, so when I sit down to write, it is easier to continue working on one of the drafts. I never write and post spontaneously because I like to do some research and take notes. I work on my posts over time and let my draft rest at least for a night, and then come back to it later to add more. Then I take the time to choose and edit my images, I edit and proofread my post, add keywords, and links. I know I have to get better at promoting my blog posts and networking.

How do you motivate yourself to stay positive and creative every day?

I believe it is important to have something to do consciously outside the blog. I’ve found that I have more energy for the tasks I need to complete when I take time to do other things, such as:  take a long walk, have a meaningful conversation with hubby or my son, do yoga, visit new places, read a good book, exercise, read other blogs and get inspired, cook something, or just take time for reflection. By the way, your blog is very inspiring, Rosie and your blog posts always motivate me to be better and do more.

They say that failure is the stepping-stone to success. We see many people that are not able to come out of their failure. Ana, what can you share from your life experience?

I live in a positive environment and I have a great support system. Failure is a reality of life, and I like to see it as a challenge and a lesson. It actually helps me grow. There are two things I do when I make a mistake; first, I acknowledge, accept, and analyze it so I can learn and adapt. Then, I put everything behind and focus my energy on preparing for the next challenge. I do not like to dwell on feelings of guilt, frustration, blame or regret, or obsess over my failure. I do not look back. I have learned to reconnect with my meaningful moments and to focus on the things I am grateful for – as the brain cannot process the negative and positive at the same time.

What are the five most important things for you in your life?

This is an easy one. The most important things in my life are not things, but let us say family, love, sunshine, my Mac, and my toothbrush.

Ana, what motivates you to keep blogging?

Blogging is tough, and I did not know that when I started. My motivation has always been my desire to inspire other people to create their own happiness by making positive changes in their lives and accepting that happiness begins with themselves. I also like blogging because it challenges me (as English is my second language), it keeps me positive, optimistic and inspired, and it helps me grow.

Random question. What is your favorite TV orNetflix series now?

I hate to disappoint you, but I do not watch much TV. I would rather read a book, meditate, or write something. When I do watch TV, I usually choose something uplifting, inspiring or that makes me laugh.

Who are your biggest inspirations in life and tell us more about them?

My mother and my hubby. I believe that is where my optimism comes from. I have learned many and different things from each of them, but they both have an extraordinary ability to love.

Last, question…What is your dream for “Celebrating Sunshine”?

I would like to grow my blog to become the place people come to find positive, encouraging and uplifting advice, the place that inspires them to make positive changes in their lives, to love more and to accept that they can create their own happiness. I would like people to know that happiness is an attainable goal. We should not wait for something to happen (a new job, a bigger house, and a new city) to be happy. If we can reverse the way we think and be more positive first, then our optimistic brain works better than a brain on stress, and we become more creative, more productive, and ultimately, happier.

Where can we find you online? (Please provide links)

Blog I Facebook I Twitter I Pinterest I Instagram I Google +

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