Encouraging My Daughters to Dream Big

Little girls with dreams become women with vision.  ~ Unknown

I saw this today and just love it….It really speaks for itself.

When we are kids, our dreams have no ceiling.  Sadly because of the way life gets sometimes, we often forget that about ourselves and suddenly we get stuck in the hum drum of a 9-5 and weekends that pass us by, lasting only enough for you to catch your breath and get back to the swing of things. 

Dream On

It’s inspiring to listen to my daughters and hear what they would like to be when they are older. The latest news, my 13 yr old would like to be a book critic or a politician. With her passion for reading, I can totally see her being involved in the literary world. Although, I can also see her making big changes for our country. Not being left out, my  youngest would like to play pro ball. Actually play any pro sports. She’s a little tiger and I can totally see her playing sports for some national team. 

I try and let my girls dream big, even if I may not understand it. Since they were little girls, I have told them that they can be anyone that they want to be and not to let others tell them otherwise. I believe in them because they believe in their dream and their capabilities. I want to support them the best way  I can.

One way I’m doing is that is by helping my oldest take a step closer to her dream. I’m excited and can’t wait to tell others what it is that she will soon be doing. It’s not my news to tell, I’ll have to wait for the ok from her to share it….but it’s so exciting to be a part of her journey.

I wish I had someone that would have pushed me a little harder and told me that I could be anyone that  I wanted to be. I can’t go back in time but I can be the best supportive mom to my two children.

I invite you to become a nurturer of hearts and dreams for the people who are around you…..(no matter what age we are, our hearts hold vision and dreams!)

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