Don't Give Up on Your Dreams


I had a conference call with someone this afternoon. We were talking about the Aboriginal file for Startup Canada. We have been making strides of developing  partnerships with key industry leaders over the last few months. We continued to talk about our next steps for the fall months.

Afterwards, we talked a little about my business. She had noted that she has been reading my blog and the work that I have been doing. It caught me off guard, as sometimes I wonder if people really do read my blogs. She talked about her belief that my success, not only with Startup Canada but with my own business, is just right around the corner.

To be honest, I had a tear in the corner of my eye. I have a belief that my business will succeed. I feel it in every fiber of my body. It’s even nicer when someone else tells you that they believe in you and your idea too. I’m not sure if she’ll ever know the impact that she had on me.

i am who i am today because of the choices i made yesterdayIt’s moments like this that reminds me to keep pushing forward. It’s funny, I had a chance to have coffee with a dear friend of mine last week. He had said that there is strength when you say “I CHOOSE not to give up”. Prior to this, I used to say, “I have no choice, I have to keep moving forward.” He told me “Rosie, you are wrong. You DO have a choice but you choose not to give up. There’s a difference, think about it.”. He’s right. I choose not to give up. I know that every call I make, every connection that I meet for coffee, brings me one step closer to my dream of my business succeeding.

Few Tips I’ve Learned:

  • Don’t forget your vision.  Why did you start your business in the first place?  I bet it was partly (if not all) to do with the love of it, never forget that, it can get you through the tough times.
  • Remember that you are awesome at what you do.  If you aren’t, become one, read, study, etc. Do it for yourself. Never stop learning.  It will motivate you.
  • Always be 10 steps ahead.  Plan both long and short term. Be clear and you’ll always have something to look forward to. Fail to plan, plan to fail.
  • Track what works and what doesn’t.  This way you spend all your time on things that actually WORK!  Think about that, no mistakes, just success.  When you get this down, your life gets very easy…
You never know how close you are. Never give up on your dreams.
You never know how close you are. Never give up on your dreams.

I love the accompanying cartoon graphic. It exemplifies what so many people do…work really hard only to give up at the last moment – right before they achieve their goal. Don’t be like that. Certainly, if what you’re doing isn’t working, you’ll need to rethink your plan. But don’t give up when the going gets tough. That’s easy to do, but don’t give into the temptation. You may then always wonder, “What might have been.” –

l love to see you succeed. Give it your best shot yet.

Just. One. More. Push!

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