Do Not Allow Fear Control Your Life

Do Not Allow Fear Control Your Life

Prince EA

It was my youngest daughter that introduced me to  Prince EA and his YouTube video  “10 Celebrities who Failed“.  At the bottom of today’s post, I’ll share that video and how these well-known figures did not allow fear and self-doubt control them.

Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA, is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. His goal for his YouTube channel is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.

You can check out his YouTube channel here.

Missed Opportunities

In 2008, I was starting to help others learn how to use social media for their business. This was at a time that social media wasn’t even a word. At a time, when Facebook only had groups and not pages. For whatever reason, I knew that this would be the new way of doing business.

A co-worker loved what I was doing and had spoken with a local entrepreneur. She had told him what  I was doing and thought he might be interested in using my services. About a week later, she asked if I would meet with him over coffee. I was excited to be asked to meet him and eagerly said yes.

When we met, he was hesitant about whether or not social media marketing would help his business. It’s a good thing that I had a little presentation prepared and was able to work through his fears.

This entrepreneur had several businesses in the region. He wanted to do a trial run for one of them and if he felt that using my services was successful and increased exposure to that business, he was open to using it for his other business’. I agreed and we shook hands and I drove home.

Do Not Allow Fear Control Your Life I was too scared to give it a try. I had so many self-doubts about myself. I failed before even trying. Fear made me give a sorry excuse and miss out on a really good opportunity. READ MORE AT
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Self Doubt

It wasn’t until later that evening that I started to get a little anxious. Thoughts crept into my mind:

Can I do this?

Am I good enough?

What if I fail?

Maybe I need to learn more about using social media for business?

The next morning, I sent him an email and gave an excuse of why I couldn’t help him. I don’t remember the excuse that I gave him but I do remember that feeling of that pit at the bottom of my stomach

What happened?

I was too scared to give it a try. I had so many self-doubts about myself. I failed before even trying. Fear made me give a sorry excuse and miss out on a really good opportunity.

Read My Post: 8 Ways to Conquer Self Doubt

Life Lesson On Fear

I learned that I cannot let fear control my decisions because some opportunities you only get one chance. Life is too short to not go after what you want.

I am now open to new opportunities. I send my thoughts out to the universe and say that I am ready for what’s next.

Try It

Stand up. Open your arms and say out loud: “I am open to new opportunities!”

Be prepared for what will come your way. I was not. I don’t think I could ever imagine what would come next.

Since then, my consultant services grew. I have spoken in front of groups of people to share my knowledge on digital marketing. I still provide one-on-one services when requested. I’ve been asked to speak to Chamber of Commerce members the benefits of using social media for their business. And even been a speaker at business events.

I am not going to lie, I still get nervous. But courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear. via @rdigout[/Tweet]

10 Celebrities Who Failed

Without further ado, here’s the video that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

As Prince EA quotes at the end: They overcame many obstacles and many doubters and had the rare courage to create a life that was true to them.

How do you overcome your fears? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Do Not Allow Fear Control Your Life

  1. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Rosie, I love this! I have had to face many fears and choose to keep going. I’m sure that I missed many opportunities in the past because of fear. I love the quote from the movie “We bought a zoo” and I use it on myself and with my children all the time.

    “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

    ― Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

    And if the situation is longer than 20 seconds you do it all over again. Anyone can be brave in 20 second increments. Thanks for reminding me of this and congratulations on your successes!

  2. Great post. Fear prevents many people from achieving their full potential. You’re right, if we can push our way through it we’ll often find something better on the other side.

  3. Hi Rosie, that is one powerful video to watch first thing, it actually gave me goose bumps; each and everyone of those people not only had courage, but they never gave up.

    Your story about how you turned down what could have been a golden opportunity, was what I call one of life’s lessons. Often we don’t know how much we want something until it’s too late, or as in your case, when courage fails us and the dust settles.

    I would consider myself quite a fearful person and like my comfort zone, but from past experience I’ve learned that things do work out in the end and if I really want something I focus on that fact… And as they say you regret the things you don’t do (or at least try to).


    • It’s that fear of the unknown and sometimes the lack of confidence to try something new. One of the first ways to overcome fear is recognizing that fear is preventing you from moving forward. I have started asking myself “what’s the worst that can happen” and start looking at whether it’s a viable reason or not. Next step is taking action. The more you start facing your fears the easier it becomes to overcome them too.

  4. themultitaskingmissus says:

    This is such an empowering post to read. Lately, I’ve been trying to act in the presence of fear. My life has held a lot of changes over the past year: new job, moving across country, etc. etc. But, I know that I need to stand up and do what I want without the fear stopping me. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Two years ago, I was in the exact same as you are now Gina. Hang in there and keep your eye on where you want to be. I promise, it will be worth it!

  5. There are those moments when I tell myself the “what if” story… what if this is the best thing, what if this turns out better than I ever thought it would… believe it or not, once the time frame has come and gone, I realize I over came! <3

    • I like the positive spin on the “what ifs” Annette. It’s so much easier to think the negative side of it. But for every negative, there is a positive one. Thank you for reminding me!

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