5 Tips To Help You Pursue Your Passion And Live Your Dream

5 Tips To Help You Pursue Your Passion And Live Your Dream

Power of Mentorship

I have been blessed by having terrific indirect mentors in my life. People that have influenced my professional decisions in a positive way. In a conference call that I had a few years ago,  I was reminded to continue to pursue my passion, live my dream and to keep moving forward despite my fear that it would successful or not. Maybe not in those exact words but the underlying message was that.

At the time, I was leading a nation-wide initiative to support and promote Aboriginal entrepreneurship. We were making strides in identifying and developing working relationships with key industry leaders. We were on fire!  I still get goosebumps thinking of the work we did with this project.

After our work meeting, this individual and I exchanged views on my consultant business. She had noted that she had been reading my blog and the work that I have been doing. Her words caught me off guard, as sometimes I wondered if people read my blog or not. She shared her belief that my business would be a success.

To be honest, I had a tear in the corner of my eye. I have always had a strong belief in my capabilities and that my business would succeed. I was absolutely 100% committed to my goals. But, there is something about when it comes from an influential person, someone that you admire that takes it to a whole other level. I am not sure if she’ll ever know the impact her conviction had on me.

Keep Moving Forward

It’s moments like this that reminds me to keep pushing forward when you have doubts and want to give up.

Another indirect mentor expressed that there is power when you say to yourself “I CHOOSE not to give up”. Let me say that again, “I choose not to give up.”

Prior to this, I used to tell myself, “I have NO choice. I HAVE to keep moving forward.” He articulated “Rosie, you are wrong. You DO have a choice but you choose not to give up. There’s a difference, think about it.”.

He’s right. time and time again, I choose not to give up. I knew that every call I made, every connection that I met for coffee, each action would bring me one step closer to my dream goal.

5 Tips To Help You Pursue Your Passion And Live Your Dream READ more at: www.ecurosie.com


Try These 5 Tips 

Here are 5 tips that I have learned while being a business owner, To Help You Pursue Your Passion And Live Your Dream:

  • Don’t forget your vision.  Why did you start your business in the first place?  I bet it was partly (if not all) to do with the love of it. Never forget that. This will get you through the tough times.
  • Remember that you are awesome at what you do.  If you aren’t, become one. Read, study and learn from others . Never stop learning.  It will motivate you. By seeking out others who are pursuing the same passion, you will accomplish two things: learn what you need to do, and also be reminded that your dream is possible. If others are doing it, you can too.
  • Create a roadmap to your goal by breaking it into as many small steps as you can think of. It might help to start at the end goal and work backwards; it might not. What you’re creating here is an overall plan that may or may not be accurate – you’ll fine-tune it as you go. It’s a working plan and not written in stone.
  • Surround yourself with people that support your goals. Trust me, there is nothing worse than having negative people around you. Unfortunately, sometimes, those individuals are family members. If you can’t find actual real, living, breathing human beings who support you, find some online. Facebook and Twitter are great places to meet up with people passionate about all kinds of things!
  • Track what works and what doesn’t.  If you somehow manage to hit on the perfect plan the first time, count your lucky stars! For most of us, we’re heading back to the drawing board on a regular basis to tweak and adjust our goal and our plan. It’s all part of the process.

When The Going Gets Tough , The Tough Get  Going

Don’t give up. You are most likely closer to success than you think you are. It may seem like you’ll never, ever get where you want to be, but you will. If your dream is big enough, it’ll take many, many tiny baby steps, but they’ll lead you to exactly where you want to be. Remember the beginning is always the hardest.

Never give up; you might be closer to reaching your goal than you think. Read more at www.ecurosie.com
Never give up; you might be closer to reaching your goal than you think.

I love the cartoon graphic depicted above, it exemplifies what so many people do, they work really hard only to give up at the last moment. They give up right before they achieve their goal. Don’t be like that. Certainly, if what you’re doing isn’t working, you’ll need to rethink your plan. But don’t give up when the going gets tough, that’s the easy way out. If you don’t pursue your passion, you will always wonder, “What might have been.”

l love to see you succeed. Give it your best shot yet.

Just. One. More. Push!

Have you ever experienced a time when you were ready to give but didn’t? Or perhaps, you did give up and now you wished that you hadn’t I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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  1. Wonderful motivation! And yes we do have a choice, a choice to keep going or not . Those who keep going seem to have a broader vision, a deeper desire. I hope you can join with a party I host, this would make a great addition. It is called The Pinterest Game and the next game can be found Thursday night on my blog at http://www.pinsinanutshell.com. thanks, I hope to see you there.

  2. I hate that expression – “I have no choice”. We ALWAYS have a choice. Great post on staying motivated. I know it will inspire a lot of people, Rosie! Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon! PS – When I click to tweet, it tweets, but closes out of your blog, just FYI.

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