5 Tips For When You’re In A Slump or Unmotivated to Blog

5 Tips For When You’re In A Slump or Unmotivated to Blog

“And when you’re in a Slump, you’re not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.”

— Dr Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer and not sure or how to start writing? You’re sitting there, type a few words, hit delete and start over?

Or your mind keeps wandering and then you decide to check your emails or social media platforms? Because anything would be better than sitting down to write.

I get it.

As creative people, it’s understandable that we have these type of days where we are in a slump and stuck for inspiration.

It isn’t that we aren’t enthusiastic about what we do, or that we just can’t be bothered. We just need that little kick of motivation to get going.

In slump or unmotivated to blog? We all have those days.Here are a few tips and my thoughts on how to get yourself motivated again. READ MORE AT: www.ecurosie.com

5 Tips For When You’re In A Slump Or Feeling Unmotivated

Here are a few tips and  my thoughts on how to get yourself motivated again.

 Take a Nap

If you’re feeling tired, don’t force yourself to start your work. Take a power nap instead. Power naps are short intense naps between 10 and 24 minutes in duration. Taking a power nap before 5pm can be a great way to re-energize and clear your mind before starting work on an important project that requires a fresh state of mind.

Watch an uplifting video on YouTube or put on some upbeat music

If you’re in a slump, you can set a short period of time aside (e.g. 5 or 10 minutes) to watch an inspirational video on YouTube or listen to some uplifting music. As long as this doesn’t lead to you spending hours of your day watching random videos instead of doing your work. An uplifting video or music  can be a great way to get in the right mindset for a productive session of work.

Work in 5 minute Power Bursts

Invest in a timer and work in 5-minute power bursts. 5 minutes doesn’t sound like a very long period of time but it’s long enough to allow you to get into the swing of a particular activity. When you need to start work on a particular project, set the alarm and tell yourself “I’m going to focus on doing this for 5 minutes – no distractions!”.

Get Outside

Take a stroll in a garden, or anywhere with shrubs and greenery. Is there a local park? Are there lots of trees that you can walk around? Are there at least a few patches of grass close to where you live? Go out and walk in these places. You’ll be a lot more motivated after a brief physical exertion and some fresh air.

Accept Being Unmotivated

It’s ok to have these days. Often. we are too hard on ourselves that we have to have it all together – all the time. Take a break for a few hours, few days or even a few weeks. Recharge. Hit reset and start all over again.

And when none of these are working for you, check out this post from Melysa Griffin (formally The Nectar Collective). She shares 30 ways to feel like you accomplished something today.

What tricks and tips have you discovered to increase your motivation or give yourself a big boost? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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27 thoughts on “5 Tips For When You’re In A Slump or Unmotivated to Blog

  1. Rosie, these are great tips. I am so lucky that because I don’t often have time to write, I haven’t met the slump yet but I know many who have. I have so many draft posts that I want to write! I believe a nap is the answer to most things and taking a walk is a perfect suggestion. I always find that when I’m walking the dog, so many thoughts enter my head and I jot them down on my phone to become a blog draft that I may never get to!
    Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • Great tip on using your phone to jot down your ideas, Hannah! I am still bit old school, I have a little notebook that I have in my purse. Well, actually, I have a few notebooks lying around that I use to jot down my ideas. LOL I also have a Pinterest board that I use to pin other bloggers post ideas so that I can refer back to that when I need to. 🙂

  2. Getting outside always helps me!! Sometimes if I don’t feel in the mood to write, I’ll work on the picture portion of the post instead. That’s the super fun part. 🙂

  3. I like the idea of 5 minute power bursts. I can do anything for 5 minutes. And once I get started, I usually keep going. Great post. Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon!

    • 5 min seems to make the task more doable. Funny, isn’t? I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is the fear of how long the task will take. Once we start, it doesn’t take nearly as long as we initially thought that it would. Happens to me all the time! Thanks for the comments!

      P.S. I edited this post to add that I linked up at #overthemoon

  4. I love that the first tip is to take a nap! I actually had to do that yesterday because I was suffering from serious brain fog. Thanks for the tips!

    • I think sometimes we think that we need to be active to be productive. But I have found that I need a little time away to be creative again. Naps always do the trick!

  5. These are great tips…sometimes I find myself just zoning out at my screen instead of being productive, I’ll remember these tips. It’s better to take a five minute break than spend hours wasted!

    • I’ve done the same thing, Jessica. I stare at the screen hoping that there will be some sort of inspiration if I just keep reading other blogs or something will come up from researching topic ideas. Sometimes, I need to take my own advice by taking a 5 min break.

  6. I recently talked about something similar on my blog. The best advice I could add is sometimes you need to take a step back. Everyone faces motivation issues but taking a step back and looking at things from a new perspective can be a game changer.

    • I aam 100% with you on that one. That ability to walk away for a bit, like you say, can give us a whole new perspective. We get so focused on what we need to do and the frustration of not getting started, that break can be the best thing to do. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I always wondered why my dad needed a nap after coming home from work. Now, I understand! LOL But, I agree, naps are undervalued. The fresh air from the outdoors, can’t beat that either.

  7. shansstories says:

    Thank you, Rosie! I’ve been in a slump with blogging and I just starting the first of this month. I think the fact that it isn’t getting much attention yet has dragged me down a bit, so the last point you made about accepting that I’m unmotivated really helped. Thanks!

    • Give it some time for your blog to start receiving some attention. Other ways that have worked for me are participating in Twitter chats and commenting on other blogs. Chin up! Hope things start turning around for you. 🙂

    • Fresh air always seems to give me new perspective and sense of peace. That way, I can tackle whatever that I need to do – whether blogging, exercising, housework…you name it…there is a new found energy.

  8. mamasick says:

    Due to depression, I have a lot of difficulties staying motivated. I make sure I write ideas down when they hit me so I can turn to them when I need to and I like to join writing prompt links. Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Share.

    • Great tip, Emily! I deal with depression too and understand how troubling it can be to stay motivated. Writing your ideas down is certainly one way to stay ahead of the game.

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