42 Life Lessons in 42 Years

42 Life Lessons in 42 Years

It’s Here, My Birthday

It’s July 10, 2016, which means one thing: It’s my birthday tomorrow and I will turn 42!!

Have you ever had a birthday, where you’re thinking, “OH MY GOD…I’m turning “x” years old?!!”

The first time it happened I was turning 25 years old. I had the mindset that I am now in my mid-twenties and starting to head toward my thirties. Was where I wanted to be?  Then I pondered where I saw myself in the future?  It really scared me to think that I was now an adult and needed to start making adult decisions. Ever have those feelings?

The second incident happened when I was turning 40 years old. Two years before my 40th birthday, I had major anxiety. Here I was, marriage over, single mom, had troubles finding full-time employment, still renting a house, and had a car where every day I was praying that it would get me from point A to point B. Things were rough, both financially and personally. This anxiety was because I felt that I should be more settled in life. I certainly didn’t think I would see myself in this type of situation.

Fast forward a few years, and with my birthday tomorrow, I actually feeling pretty good about my life. I took the plunge and moved across the country,  in hopes that everything would change around.  My! How things can change. Yes, I am still renting, but it’s a beautiful condo that I am in. I bought myself a brand-new car – gone are the worries that my car might break down on the side of the road. I have a challenging but rewarding full-time job. I volunteer and am sitting on the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. As of last month, now sitting on the City of Lethbridge’s Heart of Our City Committee.

Like many others, I have had to work hard to get where I am. Nothing ever came easily. More times than not, I felt that I was the underdog, no one believed in me and yet I always knew that I meant for great things.

So here goes. In honor of turning 30 (ahem) 42, here are the 42 life lessons that I’ve learned. READ MORE AT Everything's Coming Up Rosie (www.ecurosie.com)
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So here goes. In honor of turning 30 (ahem) 42, here are the 42 life lessons that I’ve learned:

  1. It has never been a better time to re-write my story than it is right now.
  2. Align my thoughts and actions with the person I want to be.
  3. My brain believes everything I tell it.  Feed it positive words.
  4. Appreciate every single day, because I don’t know what tomorrow brings.
  5. Gratitude is the key to happiness.
  6. Believe in myself beyond measure.
  7. Let me be me and let them be them.
  8. Everything is a choice, and with every choice, there is a consequence.
  9. I am stronger than my excuses.
  10. Music is often the perfect solution to a bad mood, bad breakup, to celebrate and to just dance.
  11. Listen to my gut.  It is always right.
  12. Fear of failure is paralyzing.  What am I really afraid of anyway?
  13. Turn off my phone, and live in the moment.
  14. Love me shamelessly, confidently and unconditionally.
  15. Don’t let anyone define who I am.
  16. Things always work out the way they are supposed to.
  17. The energy I put out is the energy I get back, make it positive.
  18. Be kind to others.  It’s just that simple.
  19. Burn the candles; use the nice sheets; wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.
  20. Everything I need is already inside me.  I just need to realize it.
  21. Surround myself with people who inspire me.
  22. I am enough.
  23. For every moment I am wishing and hoping I am not really living.
  24. You win some. You lose some.
  25. Feelings aren’t right or wrong, so I give myself permission to feel them.
  26. Don’t complain about something I am not willing to change.
  27. Not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay.
  28. What my priority in life is, may not be someone else’s priority.
  29. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  30. It’s not about what you have. It’s about what you do with what you have.
  31. Listen to my gut instinct, it’s always right.
  32. Start looking at myself the way my biggest admirer does.  Um, I’m pretty amazing!
  33. Have a sense of humour is important, especially the ability to laugh at myself.
  34. Let it go.  The body only holds onto emotions from a physiological sense for 90 seconds.  We choose to keep hitting the repeat button.
  35. If I remain status quo, I will not grow. Change is key to growth.
  36. Life is too short to hate people or seek revenge.
  37. I don’t have to win every argument. It’s ok to disagree.
  38. Not everything requires a reaction or response.
  39. When people are critiquing your work, they are not critiquing you. This one is still hard at times because I get so passionate about the work that I am doing.
  40. It’s okay to express myself through style and fashion – on my terms, no rules, no judgment.
  41. Find what inspires me to live my life with passion.  I deserve to live a full and beautiful life.
  42. And the final life lesson…the BEST IS YET TO COME!

Looking Back

I’ve learned a lot in my 42 years. Some life lessons were because I made good choices. Some ;life lessons were learned because I made not so great choices. Some of them were colossal failures that I repeated before learning the life lesson. Yet, each of these 42 lessons has a story behind it– stories I’ve lived.

I pray that the lessons I’ve learned will sink deep into my spirit and that these next 42 years will be lived with intentionality, passion, and a little hard-earned wisdom.

Thank you for spending my birthday with me.

I’d love to know: What have you learned about life? Let me know in the comments below.

~ Rosie

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21 thoughts on “42 Life Lessons in 42 Years

  1. Happy birthday!! I would say we have some similarities in life. I love your lessons and they actually gave me something to reflect on. I’m in somewhat of a rough patch st the moment, but I know my story hasn’t ended. I’ll be turning 45 next month. Enjoy!

    • Happy early birthday Lowanda! Sorry to hear that you’re in a rough patch. During difficult times, I remind myself that I need are baby steps to help reconnect to my true self, which is pure, unconditional love and joy despite whatever it is I may currently be experiencing. That is our life’s work. If we never had hard times, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to practice it.

    • So true! Understanding that when we release expectations, we are free to enjoy things for what they are instead what we think it should be.

  2. What a wonderful list! I particularly appreciate your thoughts about trusting yourself and not having to look outward for validation. And #34 is one I’m learning to live out, now that I’m in my 40s. In fact, I turn 43 twenty days from now. Indeed I’m contemplating many of the same lessons you are. What I’m learning is that they take time, intention, and patience to cultivate. I’m so glad you and I have found blogging as a way to make #1 come alive. Keep writing, my friend!

    • Happy early birthday Suzi! The power of blogging has had so many benefits. Sometimes, my blog it feels like it’s an online journal, other times a time to reflect and others time to say…hey, I messed up and this is what I learned. #34 is getting easier for me the more I do it but it’s certainly something I have to be aware of at the moment.

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