17 Blogging Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

Table Manners

Remember when you were a kid and your parents taught you how to have manners during dinner?

Some dinner etiquette is common sense. Don’t speak when your mouth is full, don’t tell inappropriate jokes. Don’t put your elbows on the table.

Other’s can be a little more complicated.

What fork do I use? What volume of voice to use. How and where to place your napkin.

The same applies to blogging etiquette rules.

As a new blogger, it can be quite daunting at first. You have to learn which theme to use, what would widgets would be best to use or how to understand your dashboard. For seasoned bloggers, it can be a nice reminder of what to keep in mind while building relationships or collaborating with other bloggers.

In today’s post, I am sharing 17 etiquette tip that you need to know.

Below, is a Prezi presentation that I created  my 16 year old created for those that are visual learners like me!

15 Blogging Etiquette Tips You Need to Know Like dinner etiquette, there are a variety of written and unwritten do's and don'ts. As you grow your audience, it's important to be start off on the right foot. So today, I thought I would share some short rules of etiquette I attempt to observe while blogging. READ MORE AT: Everything's Coming Up Rosie (www.ecurosie.com
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17 Blogging Etiquette Tips

Like dinner etiquette, there are a variety of written and unwritten do’s and don’ts. As you grow your audience, it’s important to be start off on the right foot. So today, I thought I would share some short rules of etiquette I attempt to observe while blogging.

Do: Sharing is caring

Share other posts written by other bloggers. Found an article that you enjoyed and think your readers will too?

Share it!

Did you know that I read every post that I share on my social media platform? I may not always comment but by sharing it means that I support/ like this post. It has my stamp of approval!

Get in the habit of reading new blogs and sharing the interesting ones with your readers.

Don’t: Ask for follow backs

There is nothing worse than seeing a blogger asking for follow backs.

Just don’t do it.

Truth is, by asking for followers, I believe, you’re doing social media all wrong. By asking for followers, you’re more interested in the quantity of followers rather than the quality of followers. Let’s focus on connecting and building relationships rather than  the “follower” count on our social media profiles.

Do: Give thanks

Did someone share your blog post or social media post? Take two seconds and say thanks. It’s also an opportunity to see what they liked about your post.

As for myself, I have a Twitter list that I label “Cool Twitter Peeps”. These are people that I like to connect on a more personal level and we share each other’s posts.

Don’t: Send automated DM’s on social media to new followers

Sending unwanted mail is SPAM.

Whether you do it via email or online. I will unfollow a person if I receive an automated message as soon as I start following their account.

Instead,  build relationships with people first to find out what their needs are. And then, if you think your website or product is going to be helpful, go ahead and share it with others.

I have heard from a few other bloggers that they have had success with the auto DM’s. In my opinion, it’s better to build a relationship first. But, please do whatever works for you.

Do: Leave well-thought out and insightful comments

Every blogger loves comments!

But, no blogger ever likes reading comments like “Great tips!” or “love it”.

As a commenter, ask yourself if your comment is adding value to the post. Next time you’re leaving a comment,take time and think about how you can add value to the discussion. You’ll be surprised bu how much your commenting will change.

Don’t: Correct another blogger’s spelling, punctuation or grammar.

The blogger might take it the wrong way because with text there is a lack of tone of voice.

Do: Give credit, where credit is due

ALWAYS give credit.

Were you inspired by a blogger? Let them know, tag them in your post. Did you use a styled stock photo? Give credit to the photographer, blogger or site that you used it from.

Don’t: Spam your readers

Whether it’s through your newsletter or blog, don’t abuse your reader’s email address. Always ensure that whatever you’re sending out is good, quality content.

As a blogger, remember not to spam other blogger accounts when you’re leaving a comment.

Do: Respond to questions and/or comments

This is one that I honestly need to work on. Sometimes, over a course of a day, there can be a ton of comments from my website and social media accounts. Because I work full time, sometimes it makes it difficult to respond to all comments. But if someone takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment , do due diligence and write back to them.

Don’t: Friend another blogger because you think it will help you get ahead

Have you ever met someone and you soon realize that they are not sincere? They only want to use you for your readership or expertise? It’s happened a few times. At times, this can make it hard to trust another blogger when you first meet.

Do: Respect the view of others

I’ve seen bloggers argue over a topic and as an outsider, it looks so unprofessional. Keep in mind, that we can voice our opinions in a respectful and kind way. If it’s a rude comment on your own blog, feel free to delete the comment. to avoid any potential conflict.

Don’t: Complicate your vocabulary when writing.

When writing you blog post, use words that your audience will likely know.

Do: Think before you post

Before you post, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it helpful? is it inspiring? Is it necessary? and is it kind?

Don’t: Use run-on sentences when writing.

Nothing worse, than reading a blog that has spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, grammatical errors and long paragraphs. Break your paragraphs into smaller and readable chunks.

Do: Connect beyond the blogger’s website.

When I come across a blog that I really like, I will instantly start following them on Facebook or Twitter. More than likely it will be Twitter. Or perhaps I will add their RSS feed to my Feedly account. This way, I can start building a relationship with them on a more personal level.

Besides, the keyword in social media is “social”

Don’t: As a guest blogger, don’t assume the host’s audience is like your audience

There a lot of benefits to guest posting, such as, increased exposure, social media growth, future networking opportunities, building credibility in your niche and so many other reasons.

But, one mistake guest posters will make is writing the post as if they were writing for their readers not the readers of the host. not sure what the host’s readers like or enjoy to read? Check out a few of the host’s posts and read the comments. All this will give you a better idea of how to write your next guest post.

Do: Offer help and support to other bloggers

I have been lucky that I have always been able to be mentored by other bloggers. In return, I will share my expertise with those that ask me questions about blogging. It’s all about supporting, uplifting and encouraging each other.

It’s community over competition.

Do you think these are important practices to keep in mind? If you have any more tips on blogging etiquette, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “17 Blogging Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

  1. There’s some really good tips here. I think a lot of it is common sense, but it does amaze me how many people don’t follow these sort of guidelines, they are so sensible. Really nice summary for everyone.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  2. Thank you for these! As a new-ish blogger it kind of tricky to figure out all the dos and don’ts. Having the unwritten social rules listed out is extremely helpful!

  3. This is a great list. I really don’t like those automated DMs it really feels spammy! I need to do sharing. Thank you. By the I’m also in Alberta. Go Canada Eh!!! 🙂

  4. I love this post. It can be a daunting world to enter when you have no clue how it all works and we’ve probably all been guilty of a few of these in the early days (Auto DM’s to name a few! I soon realised how irritating they were to receive so got rid!!) I think for a new blogger this will be really helpful – and also good to read if you’ve been doing it a while too – always good to make sure you’re keeping up to standard! Thanks for sharing. #anythinggoes

  5. What fabulous tips! It all seems like common sense, but it is so nice to have it spelled out for me! I’m always wanting to correct other bloggers grammar, etc. Thanks for reminding me it’s a no-no!

  6. like Sara...but with a d says:

    I love these tips! I try to follow them myself.

    I agree that you should not correct another random blogger’s spelling/grammar errors, BUT BUT BUT if you have a personal and established relationship, I think it is totally cool to drop them a little private message. I had a blogger friend do that for me when I had a typo in a headline, I was overjoyed! I try to be very diligent and error-free, but it still happens occasionally. I loved that she let me know right away, and I was able to correct it in just a few hours after posting.

    I try to thank everyone when the share or repost my stuff. I am sure that one or two posts slip through or I miss the notification, but as a rule I try to be gracious. I mean, it is super awesome that a blogging peer thinks your stuff is good enough to share, right?

    Rosie, you are definitely a role-model for bloggers everywhere. Your content is great, you build amazing relationships, and you are always ready with the advice or tips. I love sharing your stuff because I know it is going to be high quality (even before I read it)!

    • you’re so kind, Dara! I appreciate that you value the posts that I share. I still have a hard time remembering to thank bloggers for sharing my content. Working full time, managing other social media accounts plus this one, at times it takes me awhile to catch up. I love that she felt comfortable to tell you via direct message. If you have that rapport with that individual, by all means keep it up. 🙂

  7. great tips to read Rosie! I have only blogged for four months and it is a LOT harder than I thought it would be- esp with four little kids running around. I have a lot tos till learn.


  8. Good list! I think trying to make genuine connections with other bloggers is so important. And, like with any relationship, first impression count. And so does politeness and courtesy. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that online interactions deserve the same care as interactions in person.

  9. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Rosie, great tips. Sharing and commenting are the 2 biggies in my opinion. The more you give, the more you receive. But the giving comes first. Learning how to craft a great comment takes time and work, it is a skill. You need to write much more than just “thanks” or “great post” if you want to connect with others and make them want to connect with you. This is one thing I wish I would have realized earlier in blogging.

    I love that we can all be so different, but work together to become more. Bloggers are a seriously cool bunch of people and I learn so much from reading others words and seeing how they put things together. So much fun.

  10. Hi Rosie, great tips! I’m very new to the blogging world and would like to know more about Feedly. What is it and how does one use it to build relationships with those whose blog they really like?

  11. I’m a new blogger and these tips are SO helpful! I have been thinking about contacting some other bloggers in my niche about guest posting and I appreciate your suggestion to write for their readers, not mine. I’m not sure I would have thought about that.

  12. Rosie, these are terrific tips, for newbie bloggers and seasoned bloggers, too. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into the points you’ve raised and it shows: they’re all packed with helpful information and suggestions. I’m sharing this with my followers and I’ve bookmarked your post to refer back to again as I continue working on my own blogging etiquette. Thanks, Rosie.

  13. This post is very helpful for not so new bloggers as well — we can all use these reminders! It is easy to get so busy that we let one or two of these slide occasionally. Sometimes when that happens, “occasionally” becomes “regularly,” and we need a good reminder like this! I need to work more on connecting socially. And nixing my run on sentences because you know I write just like I talk and that means I don’t always stop to take a breath and can go on and on and on and…… 🙂 Shared this one!

  14. Hello Rosie. This post is really helpful to a new blogger. I love blogging, but like everyday life there is a myriad of rules to learn.and the best people to learn from are those like yourself who know how it all works. Thank you so much and have a fab week x

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