15 Science-Backed Ways To Stay Focused All Day

15 Science-Backed Ways To Stay Focused All Day

Staying Focused In A Digital World

In this digital age, we have a multitude of  notifications all the time. There are messages from our social media platforms, emails, text messages, phone calls, just to mention a few of them. With so much going on how can we stay productive? Today, I am sharing 15 science-backed ways to stay focused all day.

If you are able to stay focused at work, or business, and on your goals, you’ll be productive, you’ll get things done and you’ll reach your goals in record time. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If you are constantly distracted or multitasking all the time, you are preventing yourself from reaching the next level.

It’s okay, I’ve been there too.

For example, I’ll start one project, work on it for a little bit, then lose focus and try something else. And then I’ll lose focus on my new goal and try something else. And on and on. When everything is said and done, I’ve stopped and started so many times that I never really made much progress.

Infographic: Business Insider, 15 science-backed ways to stay focused all day. READ MORE AT: Everything's Coming Up Rosie (www.ecurosie.com)
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Multitasking and Remaining Focused

While we might have thought that if we are good at multitasking it means our brain has a larger capacity to focus, multitasking doesn’t necessarily lead to better performance. In fact, our brain is programmed to react to everything, so when it comes to focusing solely on one thing, it can be very challenging.

Eventually, we have to teach our brain to focus exclusively on one thing for a period of time without any distractions. It can change the whole proceedings

Focus On Work

One thing that has helped me stay productive is turning off all the notifications on my phone and my desktop during the day. That’s right, I receive no notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and emails. (On a side note, feel free to follow me, I do check my messages after work )

Let me tell you that was so hard in the beginning! I kept checking my phone only to see a blank screen with no new notifications. Each time I checked my phone, I realized how addicted I was to these devices. Fast forward a few months and I actually don’t mind receiving the notifications and I find that I get a lot more done. I see my friends and coworkers checking and replying to their messages all the time, while I sit there and smile and remember how that used to be me.

Distractions Be Gone

Taken from Business Insider, here are some science-backed ways to help you stay focused throughout your day:


Infographic: Business Insider, 15 science-backed ways to stay focused all day

“Remember, Time is a greedy player who wins without cheating, every round! It’s the law.”

Charles Baudelaire, The Clock

READER TIP: Start “training” with short sections only. First, take 5 minutes a day in a distraction-free place. Try to fully concentrate in that 5 minutes and increase this time period slowly.

Know any other tips for avoiding distractions and staying focused? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below.

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  1. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Rosie, I really need to take these tips to heart. I have such a short amount of time available lately that I’m doing a little bit here and a little bit there, all over the place. Sleep is another thing that I’m lacking and I cannot wait to get back into the groove. I am pinning this so that I can come back to it when I get more time and actually get my act together. Thanks for sharing this it will definitely get used.

  2. Phone notifications are a massive distraction to me! My phones beeps all the time and it drives me mad. I try to ignore it, I just can’t be bothered to go through all the apps turning them off ????

    How did we manage before mobile phones? #weekendblogshare

    • I think that I finally had to make time to turn off all the notifications on my phone. It was getting to be too much. My girls and I have also made a rule that there are no phones at the table and during family times. So that this time together is spending quality time.

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